What season, culture or holiday is the most fun or has fun food?

Favorite season?
Winter! That's when I enjoy my chilly best.
What season, culture or holiday is the most fun or has fun food?
Favorite holiday?
Thanks giving! Dig into that stuffed ham.

Best cultural foods?
For me thats mexican foods, boom!

I make all of these for myself though haha.


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  • Favorit season: I love early summer, so that would be late June and early July. I don't enjoy August so much because it's simply too hot and we don't use air conditioning in my country (generally in Europe we don't use a lot of air con), so I get sweaty easily even inside the house. But June and early July are beautiful. Days become very long and the sun is up until 10 p. m. where I live. Evenings are still warm, so you can just sit outside at a fire place in the forest or at the lake with some friends, fry some sausages over the fire, talk and enjoy the sweetness of living ;-). I also love riding my bike at this time of the year. I'm not allowed to drive a car or motorbike for health reasons, so I'm always on my bike. However, now during the winter, that's really not fun. When it rains, I'm cold and wet and it's just awful. In early summer, I can ride my bike just with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and it's perfect because it's still a little coolish so that I don't sweat too much. Oh and since I come from Switzerland and we Swiss people love hiking in the alps, I also enjoy doing that. Again, August isn't really good for this because it's simply too hot to climb up mountain trails but in early summer you still have a nice breeze going.

    Favorite Holiday: I'm not so much into holidays to be honest. I like eastern because there's lots of chocolate to eat and Swiss chocolate is the best :-).

    Favorit cultural food: I like many different cuisines so it's hard to pick just one. But since my girlfriend comes from Korea and we eat a lot of Korean food together, I'm gonna say Korean.


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  • Fall, Halloween, and what food could be more fun than candy? 😉

  • Season: Autumn/Fall
    Holiday: Halloween
    Cultural food: Italian/Creole/Asian


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