Do You Think Shorts Look "Sexy" On Men?

During my childhood and teen years, I never had a problem with shorts... however... as an adult, I started wearing pants all the time, and I think shorts look strange on grown men.

Do You Think Shorts Look
I don't mind wearing shorts at the gym (I always wear sweatpants at the gym, though) or at the pool (obviously)... but I think wearing shorts as an everyday fashion for men is strange...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot are too long to be sexy. I don't want to see random guys in nut huggers, but half pants aren't as hot as something like this:

    • That's how I wear my shorts!

    • I don't know why men's shorts got so ridiculously long... Thank goodness normal length ones are making a comeback.

    • I'd let you check me out in my shorts ; ) , message me if you like.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah I always had trouble seeing straight men pulling off shorts unless it was a sporty or athlete look. Like if you're trying I actually dress kinda good I haven't seen shorts that work that way. The pic you posted the guy looks gay or kinda yuppie


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  • Sometimes because you rarely see it unless you're staring that hard at their personal assets lol

  • They look fine.


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