How can I earn money?

I'm planning to go to an amusement park next month with some friends as a late celebration for my birthday. But we're getting multi-day tickets so we can go again in the future. All costs calculated, I'm going to need to have about $300. I have $70 right now, but I'm babysitting twice over the next two weeks and will make about $30 total from it. I'm also owed roughly $30 from people at my school, but I'm under the impression that they aren't in any hurry to pay me back, so I can't count on that as a source of money.
My mom is the one who usually schedules my babysitting and tutoring jobs, through Facebook with other people in our neighborhood. I know babysitters are in high demand in my neighborhood since virtually everyone has kids, but I feel like my mom isn't really looking for jobs for me. When I ask her to please try to find me more jobs, she doesn't really listen. I don't want to keep bothering her, but I still need more money, so I was wondering if anyone has tips for teens to earn money?

I'm now at $140 from another babysitting job, but I still need $160 more before mid-April.


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  • i had four paper routes when i was 13 and mowed and raked lawns. dont really know what else a kid could do but thats what i did.


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  • Find babysitting jobs yourself? High paying ones possibly.

    Your mom doesn't have to plus you'll get more money without having to wait for her.

    sell some of your clothes or anything you don't need anymore.
    recycle an old phone?
    take care of a pet?

    a part time job probably wouldn't be quick enough to get you all you want unless they'll pay you right away,


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