Why should I pay for an ebook?

From what I've seen, when you pay for an ebook, you don't own it like you would own a physical book. The only thing you're buying is a "nonexclusive, nontransferable, revokable and limited right to access and read the text of this book on-screen". You pay for an ebook, go to another country where they aren't available and poof, they're gone.

If the book is published in print, I'm going to buy a physical copy. If it's only available in ebook format, why should I pay for a "license"?


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  • Yes, you are right. It's like paying for a movie ticket. You go to the cinema, you watch it, it's over.
    With the book, you buy it, you go to their website, and you read it, it've over.
    With a few tricks, you can often download them to your computer and keep them forever... with a few tricks, you can get the books in pdf format from torrents and pay absolutely nothing..
    It's really up to you.. the advantage of the real book, is that it's a physical thing, and sometimes might be easier to hold and carry, and flipping pages might its magic for you.

    The advantage of the e-book:
    You can search for words in a split second; jump chapters easily; read it in any device; increase decrease or change the font size to better suit your eyes. You don't forget the book at home when you go for a trip.. you can always access it if you are connected. It doesn't take physical space. You can quickly change book on the same device.
    The disadvantage might be that in low density resolution displays the pixels on the letters are visible and affect vision causing tireness. This is also caused by the backlighting, which a book doesn't have. But kindle has fixed all those things for you, and newer pc's and phones have high density displays too.

    • So an ebooks's advantages are the same with a pirated one and a paid one. If I pay for an ebook, I'll have to break the law to secure my ownership. I'll be treated like a criminal even though I paid, so why not directly pirate it?

    • I never said you shouldn't pirate...

    • If you buy the book, and download it to your pc (I don't know if any company allows you to do this as a feature), and don't freely distribute it, I don't think you are breaking the law.. but this varies greatly..
      -some laws say that if you have a hard copy it's a crime;
      -others say it's just about redistributing;
      -and others are about making money out of redistributing

      if the company provides it as a feature, then it's yours.
      If not.. sometimes all you gotta do is copy paste stuff... sometimes it seems protected, but if you can actually seen it on your screen is because it was already downloaded to your pc (will be destryoed once you close the web page) but if you can see it, there is always a way to access the source code of the page and copy the text.

      Some websites provide it as images, so you can't select, but you can still save the images, and perform OCR on it...

      so, if you are not an author and you are not losing money on this, don't worry, be happy :)

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  • Intelectual property, have you ever heard about it? Imagine you're a writer who spent years on writing, can't believe you would refuse from material feedback. Every job must be paid, and intellectual work always worths more. But there are also dozens of free ebooks, like this tutorial www.templatemonster.com/.../ , for example.

  • That's news to me. I still have all of my eBooks.
    It's true you can't loan it to someone unless you give them your reader BUT you can download Kindle for desktop & read it from there too.

    You can get free eBooks from your library.

    • That last sentence—wrong. I don't live in USA. My local library doesn't have enough physical books, let alone digital ones.

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  • You could find an ebook online without paying. If it's on youtube you can download it with firefox. Other things you would have to search for.

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