Do you think that soldiers and lower commanders of the Desert Storm operation should feel to be quilty for todays situation?

Detail : Do you think this operation was right or wrong? ( I was part of it but I can take any critique - I want to know opinion of today's generation.. maybe somebody else was there too?)
Dont be afraid to answer anything.


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  • We keep forgetting one thing. What started this all.

    Let us go back and closely examine what happened. Iran had US Hostages under Carter, Reagan got them released (as the history books tell us) But during the Reagan / Bush year. What pivotal incident happened. IRAN CONTRA. the US sold weapons to IRAN (Faux Fundies forget this) Oliver North, Ed Meese, John Poindexter, Fawn Hall..

    We funded Osama Bin Laden to fight the Russians (Cold WAR - Gorbachev) and when the Republican God told Gorbachev.. "MR GORBACHEV TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" (but TRUMP WANTS ANOTHER WALL BUT I DIGRESS).. The USSR became independent. (Putin is putting it back together, piece by peace)

    Flash Forward to Bush 1 (READ MY LIPS - I RAISE TAXES) Saddam thought he was a joke, GULF WAR 1 - DESERT STORM happened (COLIN POWELL). supposedly we "Liberated" Iraq...

    Flash forward to Clinton. some rumblings but not much... Oil under $1.99 a barrel.. USS Cole - Bin Laden.. 9/11 #1 - Bin Laden

    Now.. Bush 2:.."that man wanted to kill my pappy".. Vengeance. Cheney.. Halliburton. Gasoline.. $4.99 a Gallon. Invade Iraq. Over WMDs (which they were NONE)..

    9/11.. Osama Bin Laden and the Trade Center, Pentagon, Shanksville.


  • I think it never was about getting rid of Saddam or Assad or Gadafi. It's all about encircling Iran, Russia and China since they're the only ones capable of standing up to the United States. Trap them in the corner until they fall apart. Fortunately things are never that easy. Especially with the Ruskies.

    • I know what you mean but I can't forget the eyes of civilists. To be face to face enemy troopers is diferent. Every general, president etc should think one.. and what about innocent people? In every country are living good ones and bad ones. How you can separate them sitting in the tank?

  • I don't think the present storm is particularly linked to desert storm.