Girls, is this text to heavy, any modifications you'd suggest?

Quick backstory. We were into each other. Her best friend told me I was all she would talk about and that she loved me. We planned a date. Then her stepdad kicked her out. Desperate, she got back with her ex who abused her physically verbally and threatened to kill her. He had a place to crash... I didn't. But he's started the verbal abuse again.

just want to reiterate what I said before. That piece of shit doesn't deserve your love with how he's put you in the hospital, the death threats, with the names he calls you, and how he diminishes your value...
The way he treats you... I can't fathom it... When we were together it took every bit of will to not get lost staring in your eyes, I admire the way you move, the way you talk, the way you laugh... How when you're focused on something you do that cute thing where you squint your eyes and pucker your lips... And no matter who else I talk to, how many girls I've had to turn down, I'm always thinking about you, I don't know how he could cheat on you, and treat my dream girl like a second choice. I love you for your insecurities... Your anti social behavior... Because they're mine too, and they're part of what makes you you.
I knew about your demons before we started talking... As I've always said, I don't judge you for what you've done to hide the pain.
I'm still working to be worthy of you.
The brave, strong woman I know you are. The independent free spirit that he berates because he's afraid that once you look in the mirror and see the amazing woman you are... You'll realize you were always too good for him.
I'll try to be worthy of her. I've already made one big change with my weight... And as of this Wednesday I've applied to join a union... I want to be the kind of guy that can get you whatever you deserve.
You keep saying you don't deserve things... I don't know why... And I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you, but you told me to be honest and not suppress my emotions... And I'm not done fighting for you.


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  • :( no its perfect

    • I certainly hope so...😔

    • You sound so inspiring, she's scared of him hurting you, maybe making things worst. You sound awesome, I hope the best, good luck

  • You really should tell her this in person.

    • Yeah I know... But it's hard when she's afraid of a guy who has put her in the hospital several times seeing her meet up with me :(