GUYS AND GIRLS! How do I approach a random guy?

Ladies, i want to know how you guys approach a random guy? How would you start the conversation without making it awkward? Also how do you approach a guy when he's with his friends?

Guys, what do you guys think about when a cute girl approaches you? what is a way that gets your interest? Is it weird for a girl to make the first move? Do you like it when they use a funny pickup line to start off the conversation?


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  • Girls usually dont make the first move, but i think many guys would welcome it. Sometimes when you cold approach someone it can come as a surprise and you catch them off guard. This can make it awkward.

    To prevent this you want to give them time to absorb the situation. So before you go up and talk to him, you want to make an initial signal to him like a smile or good eye contact. A non-verbal signal like this will bring to his attention that you are in fact there. So when you go and approach him he won't find it as much of a surprise and feel more comfortable talking to you. You can also gauge whether or not he wants to talk to you at all. If you smile at him or give good eye contact and then he turns away in disgust or gives a negative response. Then you know that it wontbe a good idea to go and talk to him and humiliate yourself. He just turns away or whatever and its so subtle yet it tells you all you need to know without a painful rejection. If he does give a positive response like smiling back then you know before even approaching him whether he would want to talk with you. It gives you more confidence to go and approach him and the convo will probably flow a lot more smoothly. This is also good if he is in a group and you dont want to rudely interrupt. You can tell if he wants to talk if you gave a good non-verbal signal to him beforehand.

    When a girl approaches a guy it will be a good feeling to know that she shows some interest in him and a funny line will be welcomed.

  • step 1- introduce yourself
    step 2- ask a dude on a date

    no single guy will ever turn a girl down unless she's a total bitch and/or she's crusty


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