Can someone tell me why my cat does this?

When she s on the bed with me and I am just on my phone or chilling she comes up and like puts her bare teeth on my arm, not biting or anything, just putting her teeth on my arm and starts kneeding into the bed and purring with her mouth pressed to my arm. Why does she do that?


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  • When she was with her mother cat that is how she got milk out of her mother. It takes a while for the habit to disappear and some cats will do that all their life. It comes from getting milk out of her mother when she was young.

    • Oh sorry I missed the purring part. If she is purring then it probably is just a sign of affection. Showing you she loves you.

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  • I'd guess maybe she was trying to get your attention, probably her way of showing you she wants you to pet her.


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