Aggressive spirit says she "hates me"?

I seem to have a problem with an aggressive spirit, she claims she's a demon, she seems to have quite a strong hatred for me. She keeps saying "I hate you" and "F*ck you." Today I asked her why she hates me and she says "You're a f*cking freak" because I act as if I'm "off." Is their anything I can do? And please don't bring religion into this, I am not religious.


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  • Your not religious? But you believe in spirits? Do you believe in any new age ideologies (wiccin and such?) When does this occur? How does this occur?

    • I do believe in wiccian and witchcraft type things. It usually happens in the evening.

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    • Sounds like sleep paralysis, its when your body doesn't properly transition from one stage of sleep to another so you are probably partially asleep and partialy concious, your own thoughts actually fueling the idea of an apparation. (I have met several people who had this happen and once they realized it was sleep paralysis/waking dreams it stopped). So this is the most likely situation. Your thoughts fuel your dreams it gives it a certain theme (probably why it seems more audible when you have the fan running it adds another element of sound for your brain to pick up on, kind of like how in the dark things look like other things ie you see a face in a pile of clothes on the floor or something like that) Do you do any kind of drug or take any kind of medication? It can break the brains flow making it a much choppier transition from one sleep stage to the next. Also when this occurs are you sleeping on your back or getting less then six hours of sleep?

    • These will most likely be the culprit (I honestly don't know why sleeping on your back makes it more common) However if your convinced it is indeed a spirit I do know of other things to help (I don't believe it myself but I do study paranormal/occult/lore etc.)

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  • There are no such things as spirits. You're just mentally ill. I recommend seeing a therapist ASAP.


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