Whats your take on tge American two party system?

Any and ll opinions will be appriciated.


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  • They're not even really parties in any meaningful sense so much as name brand quasi-state institutions.

    And our two parties are the two most right wing "parties" of government in the developed world. Worse half the country thinks the Democrats are socialists and most of the rest thinks that they're "progressive" apparently because they're not Republican,

    It's 2016 and the US still uses an 18th century electoral system.

    And worse, it's 2016 and the US still organizes its political life based on a document, mostly written in the 1780s.

    This country is a political slum and most people think it's fine.


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  • It's horrible. Way too much money involved in elections. People don't pay attention to the issues they just pick a side and vote for it. That's why I consider myself an independent.

  • I'm a registered independent. I don't vote down party lines, I vote for who makes the most sense for my life and situation.

    • Same here but when it comes to issues such as abortion, immigration taxes, etc, who do you mostly support.

    • Pro choice.
      H-1B skilled work-visa program midificstions, better security at borders no blanket ban on Muslims entering US.
      Flat tax.

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  • I don't like the "winner takes all" principle that comes with a 2-party system.
    Proportional systems leave more place for middle of the road opinions.
    But pople with a bad understanding of politics don't like compromises.

  • Based on structural reasons, we only will have two parties. Def pros and cons.