Talking for a while now she wants some of my clothes?

We've been talking for a while and hungout on numerous times and came over and now she said to me I want to take some of my clothes I asked why she said coz they're baggy... Is she hinting at me that she likes me or she just wants my clothes?


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  • I have a friend that likes baggy clothes and usually wear guy's clothes since they're really comfy. However, I think she might like you. Girls tend to like being "owned." For example, the girlfriend would wear her boyfriend's hoodie with his name on the back because then, it claims that she is his. Also, girls like it when you put a sweater on her when she's cold and all. It makes her feel protected or occasionally thinks of the warmth it gives as yours. That's my take, I could be wrong, though. I've never experienced this. xD But, I've seen girls do it all the time.


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  • Maybe Both here, dear And... She could too like the Smell, I can tell.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Sounds sketchy.
    She'll use them to masturbate xD tell he to get her own xD