Need opinions on a tattoo please?

So I'm gonna be getting my first tattoo. I have two quotes that I love and are very meaningful to me and what I've been through. The first is "it can't rain all the time" and the second is "always keep fighting". I love them both and honestly can't decide... would it be dumb if I got both of them?
Opinions please


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  • Well you can always pick one (I like the first one better, the other, while a good message is a bit generic (sorry)) get a tattoo befiting it and then get the other one later. Its not like you can only get one tattoo and never another one.

    • Yes that is true. I can always get another later on. What do you think would go good with it?

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    • Well I've been through a lot emotionally in my life, times got so bad i wanted to give up many times. So I'm wanting something to remind me that it's not always gonna be bad and to never give up

    • Well what symbolizes perseverence to you? What symbolizes strength? Its different for each person so It depends on the person what is tattooed. For instance the wheel could symbolize the shifting of fortunes (my favorite quote about it, "The wheel will sometimes take you to soaring heights or it will crush you into the earth, but always remember that no matter what it keeps turning." basicly no matter how good things are they can change so cherrish them while you have them but also that when things are bad eventually they change so perserver because they cannot last for ever.) Others might choose a flame (the inner fire or spark, also a symbol of hope the light in the darkness ("In order for light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present" Francis Bacon). Or it could be an animal or a symbol. But again its apart of you so it should be of you, what are you interested in what do you enjoy that could also be a symbol of strength?

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  • I'd go for "it can't rain all the time"

    • thanks. Do you think it'd look good with just the quote or should I add something else to it.

    • The quote on its own would look fine

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  • i kinda think it's dumb to get even one.


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  • "It can'r rain all the time." it is pretty unique i like it :)

    • It is unique and has a lot of depth to those words. thanks for your opinion 😄