What do guys like or love within a girl? or what attracts a guy to a girl?

What do guys like or love within a girl? Do guys like guys who are the following:

Sensitive (put other people’s feelings before her own)
Laid back (likes to chill once in a while, but still have fun from time to time)
Loves to read, write, and listen to music
Funny (likes to tell corny jokes)

And what if the girl had a secret to tell; and that secret was that she born with a blood disorder called Sickle Cell. And because of the disorder; she has small breast and short for her age. As well as she is always sick and in the hospital from time-to-time. (It is not contagious. You can’t get it by sharing drinks, kissing, touch, or bodily fluids. It is passed down from parent to child since birth). Honestly and whole-heartedly, how would the guy react to that secret the girl was embarrassed or too scared to share her secret. Would the guy stay with her and be the shoulder she needs or would he just cut his losses and break-up with her and move on to the next one. What do you think?


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  • Those traits you mentioned are all good things. Although those things alone wouldn't attract me to a person if I didn't know them, they obviously are desirable. As for the sickle cell anemia, I don't know why a guy would break up with you over that.


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