Don't you think it is ridiculous that someone would suggest a hurting party to get help?

Like what is wrong with that?
Oh so a hateful person treats them like really bad, maybe like dirt and scum and calls them names and tells them everything they do or say is wrong but that they have to do everything that person says or else they are a terrible person and they have no right or say n anything because they are just scum... the person being told to go kill themselves and that they are scum is suppose to get help? they didn't even do anything wrong. THey just are a loving person. And they have to go get help? that is total bs. But the person doing all the name calling and put downs and controlling is not told anything? It's like, yah that is how our society is. THe one hurting is called depressed and psycho, the one doing all the hurting is called popular, cool and successful and doing good! WOW what a messed up world we live in.
anyone agree with what I just said?


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  • "The world lies in the power of evil" I truly believe in that verse of 1 John 5:19, the more I live and get to know new places and people, the more I'm convinced the top of the world is ruled by corrupt people. We can clearly see not only in a microcosm as at campus or high school, but at all spheres of society in general. For example in the world of politics, business, entertainment industry and even professional sports, it becomes easier to see that some people do all sort of trechery and mechanisms in order to secure their status quo.

    In other words, I have realized that the values of this world is all upside down, but for those who believe that there is a greater Justice and self-honesty, which is more important than getting people's approval and admiration, they know that in the end of the day, the "cool champ" will be humbled and the "depressed loser" will be exalted. So yeah no need to worry about that, Justice will be done and every single person will receive their proper respect

    • best answer ever, thanks so much for your great wisdom.

    • thank you very much! :) it's good to know that somebody can admire my thoughts :)

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  • You have got to stand up for yourself. If it gets to the point that somebody is putting someone else down like that, a lack of respect has got to be addressed. If somebody doesn't respect you, it can get nasty in the long term.

  • That is a tad bizarre when you frame it like that.

    • yah because I say it the way I really see it. Someone who abused their kids and when their kids grow up their kids are the ones who are hurt, has to go get help for what psychological issues that were caused by their parents. It's like the person who is hurt is carried around labeled as a person needing help but the one doing all the abuse isn't.

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