When are we going to have 90s web design again?

I often go back to web archives to view all those awesome 90s designs they had during early internet years... no memes or stupid gifs we have nowdays... only some animations for intros... and they were far better than today's stupid animated gifs...

I really miss those years... well miss isn't a correct word I guess since I was just a kid back then... but still I want those internet years to come back...

Compared wid today's standards those designs look awesome... I loved dark background/light text they used to have then... instead of white background/black text we get nowdays... I find it better for ma eyes personally...

As I always say and I always will... technology has went way too far and someone has to stop those updates... internet's a good tool for communicatin' wid people worldwide... those shitty updates and changes aren't needed at all... internet design should've remained as it was back then... but people are stupid and they tend to destroy anything good they made...

Hope one day everyone'll go retromaniac and start usin' 90s web design... it'd be a dream comin' true...


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  • I do admit completely white background with is garbage (GAG never took a hint of how painful their design is to the eyes in the last few years on a monitor), but they overused flash in those times and flash is bad.


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  • with change of time we need to change we are in the 5g world moving with new technology, so webmasters need to have creative attractive web designs of 21st century which follow search engine rules.

  • no stupid gifs, your memory differs to mine... anyway one word: Geocitiesizer

    • Aha... I remember such site... but I tried to log in from there and I can't...

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    • Everyone's sayin' it sucks... but I like it personally...

    • think of it like liking reality tv... people aren't saying you can't appreciate it, just don't try to fool yourself that there was more to it than there was.

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