Do you feel heart pain all of a sudden at some random times without any reason?

Hello. I am 15 years old and is fit and healthy. I could even show to you my medical record if you want to for evidence. Um... My question is: do you feel heart pain at some random times suddenly for no reason? I do as if someone is breaking my heart, and then I'll feel down. There are even times I cry during or after that pain accompanied by longing for something I don't know. I have a good relationship with my family and friends. I also have admirers. What else would I long for? Long for good grades? I all have a's.

This maybe childish and immature but I have heard if you feel an emotion for no certain reason, your other half or soul mate or whatever you call that feels that tremendously, and so reaches you. It doesn't makes sense. That only happens in stories. Besides, if it's true, is my other half a loser, a reject or something?

All of my family members are in the medical field. My dad is a well known doctor. My mom and sister are nurses. I know the difference of heart burn, etc from what I am stating. I need serious help.


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  • im fat as fuck and dont go outside and dont have this problem so I don't know

  • To be safe you should see a specialist whose field of work is hearth. If everything is fine, it might be anxiety or stress (that can happen a lot in your age). I myself was and sometimes till am "suffering" from this. I have a little very small problem with my hearth (something is a little bit loose), but mostly it's due to stress and anxiety.


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