Why does god need to stop/end all evil things?

I hope people can answer this without having to input their personal beliefs of gods existence, Looking for an education discussion to the question, I am having a hard time understanding this need while maintainig a world of free will.


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  • Your question contradicts itself and is somewhat biased. Believing if God exists or not is based on faith. Everyone who believes in a different God, believes that their God is the real God, and then there are people who are polytheistic; they all have these beliefs based on faith. You want an educated answer about God without anyone's beliefs being a part of those answers; because no one can prove whether God truly exists or not, every answer that you get will contain what that person believes to be true about God. You should specify what kind of people you want answering your question. Every single person who answers you will be doing so based on their person beliefs whether they believe in a God or not.

    • My point was that it doesn't matter if you believe in a god or not. In a discussion where god exists... how do you answer the question.

      I didn't want people to answer things like god doesn't exist. Because thats not answering the question

    • Even the answers that you get will be widely varied and still based on personal beliefs. I'm a Seventh Day Adventist Christian; I believe that everything in the Bible from cover to cover is true. The Bible says that God placed a tree of knowledge of Good and Evil in the center of the Garden of eden and allowed us to make the choice of obeying him and staying away from the tree or not obeying him and doing as we pleased. What came before this was an incident in heaven where the angel known as Lucifer became jealous of God and started an uprising. Lucifer accused God of not being the righteous and fair God that he had always been known to be. Lucifer/Satan/The Devil was cast out of heaven along with all of the angels that sided with him. Evil needs to be stopped because it causes pain, hate, and suffering. If greed wasn't evil, people would not be starving right now. If lust was not evil, rape would be natural and accepted. Murder, selfishness, covetousness are evil and cause us pain.

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  • For the betterment of mankind.

    • How would it work while maintaining free will?

    • That's a really good question.

  • He doesn't. For the same reason the teacher doesn't help you during your exam.

  • Are you asking why should he, or why doesn't he?

    • People say god doesn't exist or is horrible because evil is not stopped. I want to understand why evil needs to be stopped and how we can maintain free will if it is stopped.

  • If there was a God it would be his moral responsibility to do so since he has that type of power.

    • How does that fit with us having free will?

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    • Robots. As you said if its done by god its not the persons choice and free will is taken away.

    • It's temporarily taken away since the person is restrained.
      It's like a person charging at someone with a knife and a police officer coming in to disarm him.