I work at a clothes store and I'm thinking of quitting because of the new managers. Am I overreacting?

I've been working here for almost 2 years. The people I work with are nice, but the company has been bought by another. We've had another manager but he has his own store now.

The new changes:
*we leave at 9:30 instead of 9. I have school and I don't drive and I keep telling them I can't work that late.

*we're open later on holidays even though the whole mall closes at a certain time.

*we have to talk to customers. We did that before but a lot of people don't want to be left alone.

*we actually gotten complaints about saying hi to customers too much.

*I was sent home for cleaning. The section I was working in was a mess and the fitting rooms were backed up.

*we have to wait until 8 pm to start cleaning the store, but then they complain about the workers not getting "projects" finished when the regional managers come.

*its always hot because the manager doesn't want to pay the bill.

*a co worker passed out and they didn't believe her, and a lady had a heat stroke.

*we have to wear all black!! They changed it last week.

*we have to open a credit card to shop in the store. They changed that this week.

*the new manager pulls people to the side and talks about other associates, telling us what the others are doing wrong.

Am I overreacting or should I look for a new job?


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  • Yeah, i'd ditch the place, it sounds like you have things outside of work that that job are inflicting on. Until you apply for another, keep the one you have.


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  • Start looking. Keep your job till then.


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