Is this illegal?

I had a drum set for Rock Band II for PS2, and had none of the rest of the Rock Band II kit. I tried to take it to DiscTraders, and they wouldn't accept it, because I'd already sold the converter when I sold the mic some time earlier. In spite it being part of the same set, they were dicks about not taking the drum set.

So I got mad, and drove to the Goodwill store just down the street. They were closed by then. But someone else dumped a bunch of stuff off near the donation door. So my brother stuffed the drum set next to the other guy's bags, and we drove off.

I didn't see any cameras around, though I really just wanted to have my closet back and be rid of those drums. Drums I didn't want, but I couldn't even give them away! Still, it seemed wasteful to simply throw a working PS2 drum in the dumpster.


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  • Is dropping stuff off at Goodwill illegal? No i dont think so...

    • There was no one at the receiving door. My brother was worried that it might be "littering," though I'd imagine that would require something more drastic, like breaking it to pieces and scattering them in the grass. There was no way I was gonna do anything like that.

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  • I don't think the feds are gonna be kicking down your door anytime soon.

  • it is not illegal

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