Hi, just wondering... if anyone here has ever experienced the fear of peeing yourself?

there could be a lot of reason... maybe because you had no place to go... you were in late and had to hold... or maybe stuck in the traffic... or whatever was the reason...

did you make it? have you ever had a little accident?

thanks for sharing your experience


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  • Oh my gosh the amount of times I've felt like i will just give up holding on and just do it bahahha, I've always held on :)

    • Just go man lol

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    • I guess it works :)

    • true that asker, very trueeee haha

      @Toad-1 well that is just no use then, I'm still gunna tag people hahaha

  • I use to be incontinent so until I was about 12 or 13 the fear was a reality everyday

    • oh!! I'm sorry, do you fix the problem now? what's happened?

    • I took pills until for about a year until it stopped

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  • Yeah its happened. haven't peed myself in a looong time though

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