Have you heard of fisher cats?

I live near the base of a mountain/wildlife preserve, so there are all kinds of crazy animals around. I guess we have bears and whatnot, although I've never seen one. I grew up in the city, so this is still all pretty crazy to me, no matter how long I live away from there, haha. Anyway, one these things ran in front of my car one night last week, a fisher, or "fisher cat", as they're usually called. First one I've ever seen live! These little fuckers are BADASS. They're related to wolverines, martens, minks, weasels, etc. It's bigger than a cat, smaller than a fox, I'd say probably about 15 lbs, but they are VICIOUS. If you hear their call, you think a woman is being murdered in the woods, it's just a loud scream. These things are in straight attack mode, they go after prey bigger than them, and if I'm not mistaken, they're the only predator of porcupines, because they're so fast they can flip them over and get to their underside without getting quilled. Anyway, we have them in New England, and I think they have them in the woodsy parts of Canada, maybe other northern parts of the U. S.. I don't know, random pointless question on a boring Monday afternoon, but I'm fascinated by these things, haha, just wondering if you guys know of them.

Check the scream...

Picking squirrels off the tree...


What Girls Said 2

  • I've heard of them before, but I've never seen one in-person.

  • Yea we have fishers around these parts to.

    • I want one as a guard pet, haha. What are you going to do to the guy rolling with a live fisher cat on his shoulder?

What Guys Said 1

  • Never seen one in person but they have a wicked call. Here they are making a push into the northern areas of my state. I have heard of them attacking and killing dogs larger than themselves, and are the only known predators to eat porcupines. Here in the states they have no natural predators. Pretty cool little creature I would say

    • Yeah, those things take out dogs and cats if you're not careful. Vicious, haha.