What do you think of minimalism (as in a way of living)?

I'm kind of becoming a minimalist since living by myself. I don't reallly have much furniture, decorations, etc., I prefer not even having a bed frame but I had to get one at my new apartment because my floor isn't flat anymore. I don't own a TV. I have no dining room, I just eat at a desk. Having a lot of stuff feels like a weight holding me down, it feels more like a burden than valuable. I keep myself entertained via the internet or going outside. Not with the "stuff" in the house.

Would you find this weird? Do you think anyone who might potentially date/be friends with me would be put off by the fact that my house is half empty? Are you a minimalist too? ;)

  • It's weird and I would be put off by it
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  • It's a little weird but it's your own life, nobody really cares
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  • It's not weird at all / it's a good thing
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  • Well, it worked for the Spartans :P Meh, it's not necessarily something I'd do, I'm cool with a lot of the stuff there like the no table seeing as I've never really had one though I'd probably always want a TV. But yeah, it's your life, no one really cares :P

    • Can't watch tv when u ain't got a couch. lol.

      But seriously yeah that might be nice to have but id only use it for watching movies with friends over at night or something... not sure if worth it.

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  • I don't care. Unless you're doing it for some hippie spiritual or artsy reason, in which case I don't care but I'll probably be laughing derisively behind your back.

  • I'm like that too. I prefer to hold as little necessary possessions as possible. I don't need decorations or a lot of valuables. I do like to have a computer and a TV though.

    • Yeah I like a computer and need it for my job anyway. I would only use a TV when I have friends over but I might get one just for that reason anyway at some point haha.

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