When do you feel bad about killing?

Everyone kills countless living things throughout their lives, what would you have to kill to feel bad about it?
I'd go as far as C, but I'm fine with killing cockroaches

  • Killing is fine, as long as I live
  • Killing humans makes/would make me feel bad
  • Killing mammals or big animals makes/would make me feel bad
  • Killing any animals makes/would make me feel bad (even cockroaches, mosquitoes etc.)
  • Killing any animals or plants makes/would make me feel bad
  • Killing anything is bad, even germs (I'd rather stay ill than kill the germs inside me)
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What Girls Said 2

  • I kill to eat and I kill in self defence, that's it. So if a mosquito bites me it's splatter time. If a bear attacked me I'd, well I'd prob get fucked up but if I had a knife I'd attempt to kill it lol. I won't kill anything that minds it's business, like I don't kill spiders or swat at wasps. I just let em be.

  • I vote E. I think its fine to kill germs that are harmful.


What Guys Said 1

  • Hahaha who said plants?

    • Haha I dunno :D I'm suprised people voted B too, people are fine with killing dogs or whatever. I expected most votes to be on C really

    • I just didn't vote c because not all mammals would make me feel bad for killing them. Killing cows and pigs is fine, as long as it's humane. Killing a bear is fine if it was trying to kill me.
      But then, killing a dog would really get to me. I couldn't do that. Same with small cats.
      Or whales. There's really no way to kill a whale humanely. They're just too huge. Maybe a missile to the head would work lol.

    • Well I guess I didn't make it clear, I meant if anything in the category would make you feel bad

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