Girls, Do you exercise/go to the gym on your period?

I really love high intensity work outs and lifting heavy weights, but days 1-3 of my period, I literally "just can't even." I feel exhausted, really crampy, and weak. I hate missing out on gym days (I go 6-7 days a week) but if your head or body isn't into it, I feel its more dangerous to go just to go because at least with weights, I really need to concentrate and practice good form and I feel I can't do that if I feel like crap.

Is there anything I can do naturally to alleviate this crappy feeling so I can get to the gym. I can't take ibupofen which was the only thing that really ever worked for me b/c of a medical condition.


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  • Well usually I will go to the gym but do a light cardio session and that actually seems to alleviate them for a while.

  • Nope, I don't like exercising on my period because it increases my pain.