Why did this unknown person call me at 11 PM?

So last night I was up at 11:48 PM playing video games when all the sudden I got a call from someone with the same area code as mine. I picked up and this person asked if it was me and knew my first and last name. She kept asking if it was me and when I asked her who it was she said "It's Scarlett." The creepy thing was this person knew how to pronounce my last name correctly even though it's difficult to pronounce. My mom overheard the conversation and she demanded me to give her the phone so she could talk to this unknown caller. When I gave the phone to my mom, the person hung up. I tried calling the number back and she didn't pick up. Today I tried calling her back and it left a voicemail saying "Please leave your remote access code." Or something like that. I searched the number and it came from someone who lived near my elementary school. I only remember someone named Scarlett from my elementary school but I deleted her number 3 years ago. Who could this person be? Is it a telemarketer? A prank call? Or what?


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  • Probably just being an ass.
    Side note
    When I worked in a pool store there was a person who would call once a day and just breathe into the phone, he or she would call at random times.
    Me being an idiot never called them back,
    It was creeoy as fuck

  • Well, if your mother hadn't crapped in the cookie dough, you could have had a conversation with the woman/girl and found out what the buzz was! Mom must be a little high strung.

  • I think you've stumbled onto the set of a horror movie.

    Your mom had a very strong reaction to 'It's Scarlett'. Why would that be out of the blue? Wouldn't she just assume it was your friend?

    Who is Scarlett? Is Scarlett the ghost of your mother's prom night dumpster baby? Is Scarlett the evil spirit of a child who went insane in the house and murdered her family 300 years ago?

    Maybe you're being haunted. Maybe your life's about to become a scene from Mama.

    Or maybe it's just some girl fucking with you for no reason other than mild entertainment. Just unplug your house phone at 11PM and reconnect it in the morning.

    • No I only know a Scarlett who went to my elementary school but I deleted her number years ago so its extremely unlikely that she called me out of the blue. The woman on the phone had a Spanish accent too and the Scarlett I know doesn't have an accent.

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