How to prepare for sadness?

Tomorrow the team i support plays a very important game... and 3 things can happen

-We eliminate the other team going against all the odds
-We get eliminated, but we go out with our heads high
-We get absolutely fucked, 4-0/5-0 loss

I take soccer very seriously, its a passion and i love this team but I don't know how to handle tomorrow...


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  • I kind of go with @palek here. I'm European, so I do like soccer too. At the same time, I don't really get why some people (mostly guys) get so invested in this game. Not only is it just a game but also does it not affect your life in any way whatsoever. I get sad when a politician that I really care for loses an election because that's something that I will actually feel in my personal life but a soccer game? Even if "your" team wins, it doesn't change anything. You won't earn more money or have better opportunities to get an education or find a job or pay less taxes or get more vacation or be able to do something that was illegal before or anything like that. Everything stays EXACTLY the same way. The team wins, some big ass rich stars win a couple of millions and put some trophies in there closets at home, seasons change and a new soccer season comes by again. On that note, I also don't really understand why so many guys talk about "their" soccer team. You haven't done this here but many other guys say stuff like "I hope MY team wins". It's not your team. These famous soccer players don't give a rat's ass about you. Sure, it's nice for them to make some goals and end up winning but they're not doing it for the emotional part. They do it because they want the money and a win means more money.
    By the way, I don't say this just about soccer. I think it's like that in every sport. For example I'm from Switzerland and tennis is a really big deal here. Tons of people cheer for our national tennis star Roger Federer. I don't get that either. I mean okay, you like him but hey, he doesn't care. It's not gonna make a difference for him. People say stuff like "it's patriotic to support Roger Federer" (people also say these kinda things about soccer teams), I say: bullshit. He's just as much or little Swiss as any other random guy you meet on the street. He just happens to be excellent at a sport where you become famous and he likes to collect his millions.

    So I say: look at this whole thing as what it is. There's nothing wrong with cheering for a soccer team but man, it's a game. I don't understand how people can say stuff like "my team is awesome, your team sucks!" They're both just groups of average people. The players who play for Manchester United are not in any way morally or ethically superior to the players who play for Real Madrid. In fact, many of the guys who play for these big teams move around quite a bit and play for different teams. So there's

    • really nothing unique or special about Manchester United or Real Madrid or any other team. They're as exchangeable as the next team that comes along. Sure, some teams have more talented and skilled players than others but ultimately, that's just because these "good" teams happen to have richer owners/donators who can put more money into their team. If I was a multi-billionaire, I could easily make a European-famous team out of some local, unknown team, simply by buying up all the famous players in Europe. Don't be mistaken: just because a player plays for Manchester United or Madrid or Barcelona etc. doesn't mean he actually cares about that city/country/soccer team. He's simply there because he got a good job offer and went to where the money is.
      So remember that if the team loses, everything will stay exactly the same it is now. It doesn't make any difference. Neither for the world nor for your personal life. It will just as irrelevant as a random, unknown team winning/losing.

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  • Sadness comes with the loss of a spouse, parent or sibling. I equate losing a soccer game, with the loss that accompanies misplacing a pen

    • You don't understand the passion I have for the game

    • I believe you're sincere. But get back to me after you've lost a spouse, parent or sibling, and see if the passion remains as profound. ; - )

    • Yea that's on another level of sadness, I get what you're saying

  • First off don't be so negative. Secondly have absence of pride like you already won but just don't know it yet. Thirdly if and I mean if it doesn't go well keep doing the first two

    • We have three key players injured and are going up against German juggernauts Bayern Munich in Germany and we HAVE TO WIN

    • Underdogs always have a chance. Many an upset has happened when no one but the team believed it could happen

  • Get some tissues?

    • Im not gunna cry haha but i am gunna feel like shit