Do you think my dad would get me a different used car than my sisters before me?

In about 2 years, it'll be time to get a car. My dad's budget and specs for the used car was no more than $8000 and no more than 80,000 miles on the odometer. Both my sisters have gotten Honda Civic's, mostly because they are reliable.

Though it's a typical type car, I really like the VW Jetta, more the older boxier ones and there are plenty for like $4000 -$5000 and even less with okay mileage (Sometimes over 100k). Do you think he'd let me?


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  • I think you should be happy with whatever you get.

    • Well, I am paying for it...

    • It was confusing in the question, I apologize

    • If its your money you can buy what you want despite what your father wants

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  • Yea, fuck civcs

    Go for the VW if you want