My skin has gotten darker?

When I was younger (about 14) I had quite a fair skin complexion but now it has gotten darker. Could this be because of the sun or could it be genetics. Also is there anyway I can get my old skin complexion back again?


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  • It's the sun - and permanent sun damage...
    But also the genetics of you being able to maintain melanin levels - do your parents also tan easily and keep it long?
    If so then there ya have it.

    No real solutions I can see of you getting your old skin color back. Unless you want to bleach your skin - which sounds disturbing to me. o. O

  • Do u smoke?

    • No I don't smoke

    • Hmm thn maybe sun exposure.. bt jz chk wd d doc.. I'm nt tryna scare u. Bt jz do it

What Guys Said 1

  • It usually happens due to sun exposure, and also a lot of pollutants in the air. You can get your skin de-tanned professionally at a parlour, maybe once a month or so.

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