I think I might be a paranoid schizophrenic how would you know? Can I date like this?

I'm very paranoid and question people's motives and sometimes feel like people are using me or out to get me, stealing from me etc.

I was on anti psychotics for a brief time this summer due to drug use specifically marijuana and one night of cocaine
I'm dating and my girlfriend makes me wonder if she's using me for my money or cheating on a weekly basis, this can't be normal


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  • do u think people can hear your thoughts or believe you have some special ability to read others minds? do u see helicopters and think they are looking at you when they fly by and are out to get you? do u talk to yourself or a person in your head that others can't hear?
    if so u are probs schizophrenic.
    however, if you answer sometimes/somewhat/a little/rarely to them, then you are normal.

    • No and no. The helicopter thing has startled me before. I talk to myself because I am often alone.

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  • You mention marijuana use, it can make you paranoid for a quite a while even after you finish using it.

    But yeah, best seek help just in case, if there's any chance of schizophrenia you don't want to risk it sneaking up on you and hurting your life.

    • I hadn't smoked since middle of November and was occasionally paranoid but I relapsed a couple weeks ago and smoked a gram or two and the trust I had in my girlfriend went from like 85 percent to 50.

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    • Shit, yeah that would make things hard. Best get your head straight, it sounds like you've got a lot to think about.

    • Started hitting the gym again to help obtain the clarity and to relax

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  • If you're convinced that "this can't be normal", I'd seek professional help if I were you. Talking things through with a professional may shed more light on what's really wrong with you. Don't rely on self-diagnosis alone.