Don't know whether to go to this sixth form or not?

So I go to an all girls school, only have 2 friends, don't speak to any boys, but have been excepted to a boys school but mixed sixth form. Originally, I really wanted to go and thought if I get in, I'd definitely go, there is some trouble with the subjects but think I'll still accept. I feel like when I say I applied to this school, girls in my year look at me and judge because they don't think I'll get along there? I also keep thinking I'm not pretty enough or "hot" enough To go to this boys school which I know is so stupid. I'm so scared when I think about being surrounded by people I don't know but also really really want to go and know I'll regret it otherwise. What should I do? Opinions?


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  • Don't pay attention to the girls in your year.
    There will be boys that you can make friends with, regardless of what you look like.
    I can only speak from my experience (so I don't really have much to compare with :P ) but I'd say boys make great friends!

    • Thank you😊 Yeah I mean I'm fine talking to boys, I just don't have the opportunity and like I know of people from this school and like they're all experience with like sex and stuff. I just need to keep thinking that there are other boys, not just those 20 that I know of!😁

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    • Hehe, thank you though!😌

    • No problem :)

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  • Go. You wanted it so far. And i find guys are a lot easier to get on wjth.