How do you deal with failure?

Ever had a goal you need to achieve but failed to obtain it?
What was it?
How did you deal with failure?

I would personally get so embarrassed and hide from people that know about it. Lol


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  • The way I see it is if you fail at something you.. try try again.. till you get it right no matter how many tries it may take.. one big problem in this world today is and there are many of those, is that some people want things.. Yesterday.. and get so ticked when things do not all go together the first time around


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  • I try and I try again.
    I try to set obtainable goals and focus on the overall direction versus minor details and I've found better success doing it this way, it's all about having fun and being happy.
    I also don't care if others see my failures, I dont really care what they think. I work hard for myself. Also, I've been humiliated enough times not to care if I do something goofy and others judge me, everyone is selfish and an asshole I need to look out for myself


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