What happens to questions after they become closed for a while?

So when you have a question, you can't delete it unless you ask the admin. Who is the admin? Someone help me please. This website is um... A no.. And I deleted my original account because I thought it would get rid of my questions but they are anonymous and there is a pic of me on one (its casual nothing dirty) I was just wondering if I could convince the admin to delete it? Or does it delete after being closed for so long.


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  • Contact the admins at https://www.girlsaskguys.com/contact and explain the situation to them. Perhaps they would be willing to delete it for you. Reporting will do no good if the post doesn't violate the posting guidelines.

  • Nothing here is deleted (unless it's done through the admins) it just gets burried under so many posts that it's unlikely it'll be found.

    Anyway, welcome to the modern Internet where anything you post may come back to haunt you forever...

    • I reported it. Can you help me out and report it too? Its called "which girl would you be more interested in?" And report it for "how do I look topic" please?

    • I'm sorry, I only report stuff if I see it as seriously breaking the rules and I have no evidence that this post did or that it was even you as you say (I think it probably is as you say, but as I don't know this reporting would only confuse the issue).

      Anyway I am sure your post will be considered in time without others doing bogus reports. Sincerely, good luck.

    • OMG IT IS ME! PLEASE!! its a literally like a one step prosess it would really help me out :/

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