How can I eliminate love and dating from my life and be happy?

After some years on this planet, I see how things REALLY are. Boys are taught to cater to and to serve women. Regardless of the type of person they are. When growing up not really being desirable by the women, you see how they really are. Every experience has been bad. At this point, I'm looking to just shutting down that aspect of my life. I've learned that they all say and do the same thing when it comes to those things. I see a lot of material on what men have to do to keep women but you never or rarely see what women have to do to keep a man... major red flag... that just shows how much power they have with little effort... with power comes responsibility... who the hell wants responsibility when things just goes their way regardless... it's not for everybody and just not for me. Women has killed my expectations and hopes when it comes to those things. Women use to excite me and give me energy, but as I got older, they make me depressed. With them it's a rat race. They make this world a very hopeless place to be in , at least with terrorist, you can fight back... at least for me that's how I see... Just don't want it anymore... if there was surgery to eliminate that feeling, I will spend every penny... without that distraction, I can get so much done... I feel so much better about myself, because they do not help at all... waste of time energy and money... any suggestions


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  • It's a shame you have been hurt by many women, but not all women are like that. In fact, because I am a nurturer and caterer by heart, I've been stepped on and been takin advantage of by many men. I too, was hopeless and bitter and swore off love for good. But that changed when i met one guy that helped me change that stigma.
    You can't turn off attraction. You just can't. All you do is try to distract yourself and not pay any attention. But unless you live in a box, your instincts will kick in and will feel lustfully towards someone. It's just the way is.


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  • I am terrible sorry for your bad experiences that led you to this situation, because the reality is not at all like that 100% as you say.


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  • Probably different for guys but I have been celibate for a year now and I cope by focusing on other things like work, study, hobby, health, friendships etc...


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  • I have advice

    Work out, and groom yourself
    Go to a bar
    Interact with one, be funny, entertaining, and witty
    Get her tipsy, girls let loose when they begin to feel this way
    Take her home
    Fuck her

    I can't help you with the romantic relationship shit