Help me with an excuse for not being able to do something?

I was gonna meet with my advisor tomorrow to discuss grades, but I really don't wanna stay at my dorm overnight just waiting for the meeting tomorrow. I'd basically be waiting like 18 hours just for that, and then I'd go home right after.

What's a good excuse for not being able to be there, BESIDES a "family emergency".


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  • Tell him you have an appointment that you forgot about. Or maybe make up a family get together that you can't get out of.

    Arrange to set another time for the meeting. Most things like this are pretty flexible on time. As long as you agree to reschedule they should allow you to change the time.


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  • My Motto in life of strife, @DarkHumorRUS is "Don't put off Tomorrow what you should and could do Today."
    There may or may not Come around another day that you would be able to 'Discuss grades,' and as much as it seems right now somehow a lot of work with 'Basically be waiting like 18 hours just for that,' you can Always... Get a cheap motel for the Night and get a Good sleep that feels just Right.
    Good luck. xx

    • That's not an answer to my question.
      Please screw off with your "morals" and "don't procrastinate" advice. I'll simply see him Monday.

    • Okay, you don't have to be rude and crude, do as you wish, sweet piss.

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  • "I am an idiot intent on failure." <--- Advisors only hear this.

    • You may as well be honest and spare them the news of your crippling afflictions and just say "I will not be there, can we reschedule?"; remember that advisors have been around hundreds of students each one trying to concoct a new reason to not show up on time, esp. true of those who are not doing well or those who need guidance into perhaps different horizons.

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