What are some cool things to learn that are so beneficial?

I'm looking to learn things that will benefit me, whether from youtube or on my own.

I already know few things but i would appreciate any suggestion from you people :)


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  • There are a heap of things! Cooking is always a good one, or one you can improve. (plus it is a pantie dropper).

    • I added this to my list, thanks :)
      Any other stuff?
      I'm moving to a whole different country and i will be alone.

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    • Woodwork is a skill I would love to learn. I like to restore furniture, but it would be great to build it from the ground up. Any kind of renovation skill would be useful I think. Tiling, plumbing, electrics etc. I would also love to learn how to do minor repairs on my car.

    • Thanks for the MHG!

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  • Learn how to build a wordpress website and use it for affiliate marketing. (No html coding knowledge necessary). You can basically promote other people's products and get paid a commission each time someone clicks your link. I just recently learned how to do this and I'm already making about $500/month. But there's people who make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars/month doing this. I plan to launch another site next month. Oh and I learned everything about it from YouTube...

    • Wordpress website? Is that like blogging?

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    • Wow man thank you so much for this :) , very informative!!
      The MHO awards is definitely for you but it needs 24H to select it.

    • Haha no worries. Just do some searches on Google/YouTube to learn more about it, there's shit all over the internet about this stuff. You're not just limited to amazon, by the way. They actually pay low commissions cuz their brand name pulls so much weight. Most big companies have affiliate programs, and it's not too uncommon for some to dish out 50%+ commissions. Just scroll to the bottom of sites to look for affiliate programs.. it's where most of them seem to mention it. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Good luck man

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  • The most beneficial thing to know is Math :)

    • it's cool but I suck at math..

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