What to do with a hoopty Honda Civic with no title or registration? And who will win?

OK so some kid hit up my inbox saying he wanted to race for our cars later.

He drives a late 90s Civic with a junkyard turbo - which he tells me he bought from a dodgy dude in Canada for $100, drove over the border and put some random California plates on it. We're in CT by the way. Fuck knows how it hasn't been siezed yet.

So, like, what's the deal if I win this hoopty? He doesn't have any Canadian documents, obviously there are no US documents either. It's a non existent car as far as the state is concerned.

Could I somehow register it here as a legal car with no paperwork at all? I know if a car is 20 years old you don't need a title, but he doesn't even know the specific year of the car.

Anyway, who do you think will win over a mile and a half of slightly uphill country road? I'll be driving a stock BMW E12 with a welded diff and cut springs.

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The kid lost a tire and ended up in a ditch. I won, but the Civic is now so fucked it's not worth the $10 in fuel for my buddy to tow it.


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  • Most Civics have at least 4 unique number stamps. There's the visible VIN number stamp on the passenger side of the dash -- if that hasn't been obliterated or removed, you should just be able to type it in here and you'll immediately get the year and model:
    You won't get complete recall info, but, obviously, you don't care about that.

    If the VIN has been obliterated, you should still be able to find a unique identifier in one of 3 places:

    * If the car still has its original engine block, there should be an "engine number" stamped on a cast lug near the exhaust manifold.

    * There should be a "chassis number" stamped somewhere on the center of the bulkhead.

    * There should be a VIN plate on the near side of the bulkhead, behind the battery.

    I'm sure at least one of these 3 is still there. They are all unique identifiers. The VIN can be looked up online immediately, and the other 2 numbers can be verified by a quick call to a dealership.


    Tf doesn't he weld the fuckin diff?


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  • I think the turbo civic is zippier than the old e12.

    The late 90's Honda civic was a bit smaller than the newer one and if it has turbo, it will probably win over a short distance.

    • The E12 has had hackjob weight reduction with an angle grinder. Took at least 500kgs out of it.

    • 500kgs?

      Yeah that makes it a tough call.

      I couldn't really say then. I'd be interested to see what happens.

  • Here's what you do with a turbo civic:
    Scrap it for cash.

    • Haha if I win it I might just grenade it on purpose... Like, accelerate into 4th, then shift into 1st. See if I can make the pistons come out of the hood. :P

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    • Bet she rips a mean one wheel peel to be fair

    • Bet she also sounds like the lowest fart when peeling away.

  • dont race him in short distance

    • The Bimmer pulls on turbo Miatas to be fair. I imagine a turbo Civic is about equivalent to a turbo Miata.

      The E12's stripped as fuck. No roof, no trunk lid, no hood, no bumpers and no interior except the drivers seat and pedal box/wheel.

    • Still bmw is heavy compared to honda
      but a mile and half would be in your favour
      if you know how to race in a line

    • It's a road with mostly long turns and one hairpin. I figure I can drift the inside line through the turns while his open diff 200+ horsepower beater understeers wide. And in the straights I'll just redline every gear. Bimmer only has power past like 4 or 5k RPM. Up until then it's sluggish.

      I could race the kid in my twin turbo Lexus if I really wanted to win, but it wouldn't feel fair. If the kid smokes me he can tow this Kraut piece of crap off my driveway, I don't care. He'd be doing me a favor. And then at least he'd have a legally registered car to drive. :P

  • leave it in the parking lot, dump gas on it, set fire, then go to Waffle House

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