How can I love myself?

I've been struggling with loving myself for the past years, I always feel like I want to be a different person, I want to change the way I act, talk and many things about my personality, I always feel like I want a boyfriend who can love me, but I know its right to love myself first and when I do I will not need anyone. please help me


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  • Is there anything you need to get done today. I would say to start getting completed right now. You will feel good for the rest of the day.

    • I want to change myself, but I always end up at the end of the day who I don't want to be

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    • Thank you <3 you made my day

    • You are very welcome ♥️

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  • Be kind to yourself. No mean words.
    Treat yourself to something nice or do something nice for yourself or something you 'd enjoy doing.
    Write down all the things for that you are grateful for, if you can't, go down town and see how a homeless person survive!

  • Loving yourself means you recognise your own self- worth. Once a person recognises this then they will never accept being treated unfairly , or mistreated by anyone. Plus, you won't just settle for anything or anyone.

    First you have to know who you are as a person and know your limitations, strengths and weakness. Then you can work on improving aspects of your life and personality that you are unhappy with. The one thing you should never do is... become someone else to become what someone else needs. Any changes you make should be to improve your confidence and self -esteem.