What does my dream mean?

i had this dream a while ago maybe a year or 2 ago... its very creepy it starts off as a normal dream then i see someone i recognize so i go and chat with him, he ends up being my cousin and it cuts to a vision of a little girl who puts things inside the sand in a house, so he shows me the sand and i go an i start taking everything out of the sand and he says to me dont play with it too much, then it cuts to a vision of the little girl getting put into the sand and then quickly i start getting pulled in, i escape but everything goes to shit and it seems very haunted, like this girls trying o say something. i wish i wrote this question earlier because i dont remember much anymore, all i know is at the end i was in a monster truck and people where in the ground with only their heads sticking out and i was driving on them. its not a nightmare because nightmares dont feel like this dream at all


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