What's with the "Good Morning" and/or "Good Night" text messages?

Why is this seemingly becoming a trend? For a guy to send to a female friend?

This question is the third time I've seen it mentioned here:
"he would always text me "good morning" text and "goodnight text""

... sorry, but I find it to be utterly ridiciolus and complete waste of money. Why the fck do girls want these texts?


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  • Well according to that question, the girl has no interest, but the guy does. So his being persistent. I think that's normal.

    It's not a waste of time. It's being polite. It's just "Goodmorning/goodnight" big deal.


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  • girls like to know they are the first thing you think of and the last thiing you think of during the day. it like living together with actually doing so.


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  • It makes them feel special and wanted. It's always a good idea to send these messages to show that you like a girl.


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