Agh I feel something but I cannot express it... Anyone wanna help?

Alright so I just took this great trip to Washington D. C. with my school and it was great, I fully recomend it to any one. It was a week long, and I didn't feel like coming home when it was time. There was this girl on the trip and we talked a little, but mostly just staired at eachother and held the gaze. I live in a small little town with my school size being around a total of 100 people. There's not much here. It also doesn't help that the girl I met lives 2 hours away and has a boyfriend about 10x bigger than me. I've given up on trying to get a girlfriend, it just isn't going to happen at a place like this. Every great girl is taken or is talking to someone else and I'm never that someone else. All my friends excluding, excluding maybe 3 or 4, have girlfriends but I can't seem to find one. I actually don't even know how to really talk to girls in general. I'm sporty, go out for Football, Basketball, Track, and Baseball, I can take a baseball to the face, but yet I cannot talk to a girl, let alone a cute one. I dont know, I'm just really confused and depressed and needed to let that all out. It's time to get back on the grind, and get my body back in shape.


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  • You feel an urge to change and you can't. That's what you feel. You know man, years ago I felt almost the same. I live in a place with plenty of girls, but once in my life I was fat, no confidence and I feared rejection so much that I could barely initiate a conversation with a girl I was interested in (even though I was never shy).

    What happened? Some bad experiences made me change my attitude. However, the essence of these experiences can be useful for you. You said that you've given up, please don't do it. If you don't try you'll never get anywhere and you'll probably regret of things because you didn't do them. I agree that the chances of you finding her where you live are lower, but you don't need to live there your entire life, right?

    And about the girls who are taken, I know how you feel too. Last November the same happened to me and I got really disappointed. But the fact is that we can do nothing about it, sooner or later we'll find someone who's not taken (or maybe the ones who are taken will break up).

    So, don't give up, keep your mind and possibilities open and take the opportunities you have. If you look for them, you will find, even if it takes longer that you want.


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