Say three interesting/sad/funny/cool things about you?

Just for fun :p


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  • 1. I was a 'very low birth weight baby', weighing in at only 1300 grams. I weigh 105kg now
    2. My only friend for a few years was an Internet one. We chatted, played online games together, watched series and movies and generally managed to keep each other company just fine. Completely anonymously
    3. I can make farting sounds with my ears
    4. I met one of my online friends via a porn website and we're planning to meet up this summer. He's a guy, #nohomojustbromo
    5. I played videogames with my mom when I was little
    6. I had a relationship with a girl who was much taller than me but we both didn't care
    8. My home Internet connection is a 100mbit up/down one
    7. I run a Hentai@Home server which distributes a few hundred thousands images per week via a website to all parts of the world, and I'm quite fond of it
    9. I have the autismz, see point 7


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  • 1. I turn 20 last week and my drug dealer was the only person who wished me a happy birthday. everyone else forgot. even my mom.
    2. I masturbate every day. once a day.
    3. I broke up with my ex three years ago but I still think about him...

    • oh maybe you should try and give an opportunity to your drug dealer so you can forget your ex. also free weed yeey. lol jk

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    • I turned 20 this Sunday lol

    • @IceEverest my birthday was last Friday, almost close lol

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  • 1. i was born a little early and as a result i had pitch black hair on my: head, ears, (line) on my back. my parents told me i was their 'little monkey' Now im 6'1 tall or 184cm.
    2. i have a deep voice.
    3. No one know's i can sing, scream and grunt.

    4. i've been through rough times as a teenager, got a late diagnosis of autism and want to keep that shit for myself so im sticking with that of little information explanation and goes under the cathegory 'sad'.

    next up, funny;
    5. Secretly im batman.
    6. I dressed like batman as litle kid (7 years old) on 'Carnival' or 'Mardi Gras' day, not sure what you call it?
    7. Whenever i lose my physical balance, like falling, i land in slowmo. its funny to see because people can see my weirdest faces and the way i try to do everything to reverse the action.

    8. I dressed like batman! Its cool okay.
    9. I try to surprise my mom with flowers every now and then. I find it pretty cool tho.
    10. Im a fighter and will win no matter the cost, no matter the pain, my heart burns when it comes to a challenge.

  • Interesting:
    I have a really small birth mark on my tongue
    i have a really really small tongue (it barely goes pass my bottom lip)
    i get it from my mom
    I have the longest hair in my family, been growing it since birth, but my mom cut it when i started school, and i started growing it again in the 2nd grade.

    My dad left my family for another family
    i have athsma
    i took after my mom bad so i look like a girl

    one time i got jumped by a bunch of kids for my bike
    thats all i can think of

    im awesome
    im cool
    im amazing


  • I'm buying a house and can't stop talking about it xD

  • I suck at the submissions in the new ufc game is pisses me off

    • Wrestling games get that same rise out of me.

    • @Remonster I was kicking this guys ass last night online and then in the 5th round he caught me in an armbar from guard when I was damian mia and he was luckrockhold. And Damian has the best submissions in the game its so gay.

  • I can't click because my thumbs can bend a full 180 degrees.
    I permanently suffer from mouth ulcers.
    My mum made me have cosmetic surgery when I was around 7.

    • what type of cosmetic surgery?

    • My left ear, because she didn't like how it looked. Had to wear a big bandage on my head for several months and it's looked and felt awkward ever since (There's a reason I tend to keep my hair relatively long)

  • im not really that interesting.

  • The three best words to describe me atm are probably the following;

  • I am guy with small cock.
    I am good at massage and cooking.
    My girl is satisfied.
    My girl is just imagination.

  • I love cats and myself.

  • interesting:
    1) the skin on my scalp has JUST enough give that i can move it around a touch. almost always unnoticeable, but when it has been noticed, people wonder whether I wear a wig and am just moving it
    2) As a child I went to church with a guy who ran in the Olympics. Later in life I met a man who played as a Hockey Goalie, first for my local team, and later in the Olympics
    3) Thanks to the Eastern-European obsession with VERY short shorts, I also tried to pretend I could not see the goalie's testicles as we sat there and talked

    1) living with dad again
    2) virgin
    3) have a disease which, when flares up, makes life difficult (ulcerative colitis)

    1) there was a broken light socket in my bedroom as a kid. i remember sticking my fingers in it and getting zapped, keeping it up almost an hour. dad comes in and sees me do it. smacks the shit out of me for being so dumb. leaves the room. while crying, i stick my fingers in the socket again
    2) last day before I got laid off, asked if I was OK. told co-workers "silver lining? I'll never have to work that that dego fuck ever again!" boss was standing right behind me. opps. says "something you need to tell me?" everyone goes quiet. turn around, say to him "yeah, a few of us are going to the bar for a drink this morning. wanna come?"
    he didn't.
    3) 8 years old. made a decent sized snowball. threw it in the air as hard as I could. Goes way up, comes down on little brother's head. he starts crying. mom comes out, almost hysterical, asks what happened. I try to tell her it was an accident, wasn't aiming for him. make another snowball, show how i just threw it straight up. she watches as it flies straight up... and comes smack down on my brother's head, again.

    1) got a news website to restore an article they deleted after they realized they fell for satire. felt they owed it to their readers to be honest that they made a mistake
    2) while still temping as a packer at my last job i got to know the machines well enough that line operators were asking me for help. maybe not cool to anyone else, but i appreciated being recognized for my work ethic
    3) people regularly think I have a fairly extensive college education. I dropped out of highschool in 11th grade. While my ability to think and reason being recognized is nice, maybe this belongs more in "sad"?


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  • Interesting thing's:
    1.) Supposedly my dad's uncle is "The Birdman of Alcatraz" Robert Stroud
    2.) I love to canoe, but I have a hydrophobia😒
    3.) I got a big hard on for ginger's, nerd's, shy and smart men.
    Sad thing's:
    1.) I had phases where I would cry each night.
    2.) I think I've gotten my heart broken so much I actually crave it😢
    3.) I think I'm going to die as the old crazy cat lady.
    Funny thing's:
    1.) I was talking to this priest and he was blushing I don't know why I thought maybe cause I'm adorable and shhh. He was really in the conversation and then I walked off and realized a button had pooped open.. can u say awkward?
    2.) I pick up dude's with my fake English accent. One day I was playing around and this dude looked americanish to me. As soon as he opened his mouth I became Jamaican real quick Lmao😂he was from England! Awkward!
    3.) There was once this homophobic lady who lived in my friend's neighborhood... I made her believe me and my friend were carpet munchers. I'd smack my friends ass or grab her boobs in front of her and stare her in the eye's and yell"You're next cutie😉" she'd say "you're going to Hellll!"I'd say" ohhh goodie more hot pussy awaits me😂" or I'd cough and tell my friend to get a Brazilian next time... she hated me lmao. She moved eventually so I can't torture her ass anymore. I loved screwing with her. #GoodTimes
    Cool thing's:
    1.) I'd be an extreme civil rights activist if I could.
    2.) I don't judge people so quickly even if someone tries to persuader's me otherwise #GrowUp not everyone can live like you.
    3.) I talk a lot of shhhh and people think I'm so confident, but I only embarrassed when I fancy someone. I'm superrrr nice and quiet unless they warm me up and then I'm back to my asshole self😁

  • -i just submitted a college application before i could talk myself out of it.
    -i have had a poem published;
    -i have met margaret atwood (yes, the author- she's hilarious).


    -i have depression, anxiety, and a. d. d.
    -i take synthetic hormones for hypothyroidism;
    -i work in a call centre (and it's soul-destroying).


    -when i was 2, i ate an onion just like an apple;
    -my mom says i also raided the pantry at 3am, in search of peanut butter cookies.
    -as a kid, i walked and talked in my sleep a lot.

    me in a nutshell, folks!


  • Three interesting things:
    1. I have a sun mark on my cheek shaped as a ❤️
    2. I don't have any scars
    3. Peoples eyes light up when I look in their eyes

    3 sad things:
    1. I don't laugh very often
    2. I come on GAG for advice and encouragement because I don't get it in real life.
    3. I have TMJ which is a joint dysfunction in my jaw.

    3 funny things:
    1. Clutzy... I've accidentally broken at least all of my toes before except for maybe two of them
    2. I wear leggings underneath my pants and well hmmm

    K... this is taking way longer to think about than I thought!

  • -I can touch my tongue to my nose
    -I can't cross my eyes. It's impossible for me to. My school sent me to the eye doctor when I was younger because they were concerned about the results of the vision test haha. I'm totally fine but I don't know why they were so concerned about that.
    -I have a freckle about my cleavage and another above my butt crack. (I think that's funny at least lol)

  • Interesting:
    I love freckles and moles. I'm probably bias because I have them, but I think they are incredibly beautiful features.
    I'm married... not too interesting, but I guess people think so bc I'm so young.

    I can't lose the weight I want in the time frame I'd like.
    My apartment is creaky and it creep me the fuck out...
    I cried a lot now... hormones

    I just bought a poop emoji plush pillow and sleep with him every night.
    I almost tripped going down the stairs, saved myself, laughed so hard at myself I tripped on the next one.

    I just cooked an Enchilada casserole
    I'm making an art piece for my new house out of bottle caps
    I own a wii U and just downloaded the new Pokken Tournament game... pretty fun.

  • So many people are only saying 1 lol

    1. I need to orgasm soon
    2. I need to stop eating entire things of brownies and
    3. I wanna hug everyone

  • I see dead people, I hate myself, I have a killer sense of humor and I'm standing in the rain

  • I'm an artist
    I'm friendly
    I'm a student

  • Sleepy, tired, goin to bed.


    • Its 4 pm here eheh but Good night :)

  • i was going to, but thats too much information. all im going to say is i like my privacy.