Is there something wrong with me?

I am terrified of the dark. Whenever the electricity blacks out I feel insecure and paranoid of the surroundings.
.. At the same time, I absolutely hate the light, brightness.
Whenever the lights in my classroom are open, I feel as if my energy got drained and I feel tired easily. Even at home, I barely ever use the lights for the bathroom and my bedroom. There's only a dim table lamp and lights from the ionizer.
My mother noticed my behaviour and even called me crazy and that I have mental illness. Is there really something wrong with me?
Anyone here has the same problem as I do?
Opinions are very much appreciated.
My Dad is currently doing some work with the lights on and yes - I am under a blanket to block the lights, lol.


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  • are you by chance Canadian?

    *jokes* #RobinScherbatsky lol

    well I think a lot of people have a fear of the dark, so you're not alone. it seems to be a normal fear.

    • oh and your fear to light? well I don't know, maybe it's just too bright for you? but I think this is all in your head.

      maybe you see the light as it exposing you and showing something that you don't want to be seen, so you hide from it, yet you still have a normal fear of the dark.

    • I acknowledge that many people have the fear of the dark. The thing is, if I am afraid of the dark shouldn't I like the lights or brightness? I don't.. at all. I hate the light and that's what I am trying to ask hehe 😔

    • if it doesn't affect you physically then its psychological, in my opinion, and your unconscious may be attributing to this discomfort with light.

  • Hahah 😂
    Don't worry 😊
    You're fine I also like to be in dim light or no light
    It's just a preference or maybe you're some Devil 😈
    LOL 😜


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