Have you ever hit rock bottom?

How would you define rock bottom, and if you've ever been there, what was going on in your life that made it feel like rock bottom?


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  • yes the day my wife told me she had been having a year and a half affair with a coworker. with i me also suspecting it long before she told me but no way to prove it.


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  • When someone reaches rock bottom, they feel such despair and overwhelmed with a variety of emotions. They feel they are drowning, and can't seem to find a way back up again.

    Once a person reaches rock bottom they can't sink any further , so they only have two choices... they can stay as they are , or fight to rebuild themselves and their life.

    It's an emotional challenge and physical struggle for anyone to get back up when life has knocked them to their "knees" , but with motivation, and deciding not to stay their they can improve their life. In order to be happy again , a person has to decide what changes need to made in their life , and then decide how those changes can be achieved.


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