Can somebody translate "loved" for me in written Arabic?

I find the Arabic alphabet beautiful, and I would love to have "loved" tattooed on my rib cage without everyone knowing what is. Its just for me to know, and i guess any arabic speakers who catch me in swim wear or naked :P dont fuck with me!!! Hahaha


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  • أحب

    You're welcome :)

    • That's wrong.

      أحب means "I love" or "he loved" ... Depends on how you vocalize it.

      @Asker I would have added an opinion if the question weren't closed.

      But anyway...
      Loved (as an adjective) = مَحبوبة
      Even though it would sound better in Arabic when you nominalize it, so it becomes المحَبوبة
      (the loved one).

      Another stronger word is المعشوقة which is more of "adored" than "loved"

    • @TheLuckyOne1 sue translators

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  • Got to download Arabic keyboard