What is a solution to any of this?

My group and I at University got into a major fight yesterday where I started crying and he still wouldn't stop.

The problem here is that guy likes another girl who is at odds with me. So he behaves meanly to me, in order to make her happy.

He was saying stuff like no one likes me, I probably have problems with everyone, it was bizarre but I stood there and took it and I hate myself so much for it.

I don't know what to do. If I go to the professor they are a team and I will be alone in explaining the situation. I can't stand the thought of having to sit for another moment in the same room as that boy working on the project.

The only other solution was I thought if I approached my professor and asked him if I can do the project by myself, but I am not sure he will allow this.


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  • It wouldn't hurt to give it a shot and see if you can work on the project alone to get away from the drama. If you are unable to do so, then just be as nice as possible while working with the group. See if some compromises can be made where you all can split up the work and not meet as often to get rid of some of the tension between you all.

  • Try asking the professor if you can work on the project by yourself. If you're not allowed to, then just be as professional as possible with the jerks. If he says "no one likes you" then you respond "great, but we still need to finish this project. What time are we meeting?" You really need to take the high road on this one. I know that's tough, but then you will be able to say to your professor (and anyone else) "I tried, to get the work done, he just tried to create confrontation." Try to get stuff in writing, so text the group to schedule a meeting or to divide the work. If they say anything mean in their response, or refuse to meet up with you, then you have that to show the professor. That will prove that you were being professional and trying to do the work, and they were refusing to do the work.

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