Bored on Good Friday, so let us play a game- list 5 things about yourself, 4 things true, and one false, and we will try to pick the false thing?

For me;

1, My dream as a kid was to be a Catholic Priest
2, i was schooled for two years in South Africa
3, i am a very fine cook
4, I love Oral Sex, but prefer to give, rather than receive. And hate 69's
5, i am morbidly afraid of clowns


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  • 4 truths, one lie:

    1) in high school, i was a 4-time honours student;
    2) i have met Canadian author margaret atwood;
    3) i enjoy finishing furniture;
    4) i am a terrible cook;
    5) i have had a poem published.

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    • thank you so much for mho; this post started some interesting dialogues, and i thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. :)

    • Yes, the convos were brilliant. Yours the highlight- thank you

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  • Since you're Australian lets see how much you know about the wilderness mate...

    1) An American black bear ran into me in the middle of a tropical storm and roared.
    2) I ran into an angry Florida panther running to help a girl I went to middle school with.
    3) I picked up a water moccasin with my bare hands in the Florida Everglades.
    4) I had a Blacktip Shark swim right under me, and then take a chunk out of another guys leg that was closer to shore.
    5) I was face to face with an angry hissing alligator while standing on a fallen tree in the middle of a river.

    • I am Irish, living in Australia

      I think one for you, bears wouldn't be in tropics, at least not brown bears

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    • Yeah it was scary... They sent me out there with a fucking safety whistle and my bare hands and the safety whistle feel off my neck in the hike out there. Probably for the better, because the bear would have probably flipped out if I started making tons of noise... :D There was a graveyard not too far away from me in an old settlement that is in the middle of the forest. So they could have just buried me if things went south... :p

    • Those things are scarey. Beautiful, but scarey

      A bit like facing a Maori in a game of Rugby

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  • 1.) I once played drums until my hands bled. Then I put bandaids on them and continued playing.
    2.) I once woke up my snoring roommate (and his girl that annoyed me) by playing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme song onnoxiously.
    3.) I often go to Chick Fil A right before it closes so I can get free food mixed in with the stuff I get.
    4.) My neighbor was playing rap music very loud (with his bass rattling the walls naturally), so I put my bass amp up to the wall and played loud electric bass back at him until he stopped.
    5.) I have a hand-drawn picture of doge on my dorm door.

  • 1. I have an actual Sioux Tomahawk my living room.
    2. I once forgot about a decorative nativity scene on my room shelf for a year and when I found it it was again christmastime so I didn't take it down for another month.
    3. I dislike coke and pepsi but I like Dr. Pepper
    4. I'm a decent driver'
    5. I'm a huge fantasy fan but I dislike harry potter

  • 1. President John Adams is my 3rd Cousin
    2. My Grandpa fought in WWII
    3. Oranges are my favorite fruit
    4. Samsung is my favorite electronics brand
    5. Game of Thrones is my favorite TV Show

  • 1, My dream as a kid was to be a Catholic Priest True
    2, i was schooled for two years in South Africa True
    3, i am a very fine cook True
    4, I love Oral Sex, but prefer to give, rather than receive. And hate 69's hmmm I'll say true
    5, i am morbidly afraid of clowns False

    For me

    1. I am very afraid of the circus

    2. I'm a Gypsy

    3. I have 5-6 permanent visible scars and burns on my face/body from accidents and fights.

    4. I have intense eyes that are primary blue with a circle of green around the pupil and a thick band of quite visible gold around the circle of green resulting in 3 colored eyes.

    5. I smoke cigars and pipe tobacco out of tobacco pipes.

  • Oh, I forgot about this game. This should be fun.

    1. I can do lotus pose (padmasana)
    2. I like to play poker
    3. I weigh about 160 lbs
    4. I'm not very good at lying
    5. I have a double-jointed thumb

  • 1. I am a non-practicing Pagan.
    2. My favourite hobby is genealogy.
    3. Twice I've gone in to my sister's room while she was masturbating.
    4. I'm a 1st Dan in Aikido.
    5. I'm an excellent cook.

  • i say NO 1 is a lie
    1 im irish
    2 i drink alcohol
    3 i don't drink beer
    4 i like to go gym
    5 once i fell a sleep in a dog house

  • I'm good at mathematics
    I like to speed when driving
    I want to go sky diving
    I'm short

  • Ok let's play

    1. i am only five foot four
    2. My favorite pizza is pepperoni and pineapple
    3. I have traveled to Canada
    4. I've been stung by a jellyfish
    5. My favorite sport to watch is Professional Wrestling

  • my crush don't like me
    i have Lamborghini
    i'm afraid of clowns
    i was prince of persia

  • 1) I hate New Wave music...
    2) I hate perfumes...
    3) I hate prudes and quiet gals...
    4) I hate it when people use irrelevant poll choices...
    5) I hate it when people discard any form of afterlife...