Would you send like flowers or what to a guy?

Who suffered an accident? This guy i like him and i went out once with him once last year we made out and hug he is my cousin best friend. But he kind of blew me off with no explanation to why last year while he was in Europe with my cousin and after that we stopped communicating with each other after that just on Christmas i sent him good wishes and he responded thanks and good to hear from


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  • I'd go with a card. Sending flowers may look weird just from you if he has a girlfriend or wife. If you send it as a family, flowers would be ok.

  • I don't know if I'd send flowers to him after an accident. I'd send a card, though.

    • So a card is better? He has no wife or girlfriend as i heard but i dontbknow how to i mean i dont want him to think im chasing him as if he blew me off i believe it was cause he thought i was after him in so short time of knowing me even if we made out and hangbout and things were good before the trip to Europe but maybe now that he is on therapy he won't think. like tgat? He almost got killed he broke his pelvis and he has pins on one leg and he is on a wheel chair at this moment as he he is in rehab

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    • Will it be ok to send the card after i communicate with him first?

    • Up to you. If you think it's appropriate, then go for it.

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