Why are people instantly put down the minute they admit to their own good looks?

The question excludes any kind of arrogant behaviour. I just mean, if you non-arrogantly, without hurting anyone's feelings or making a fuss about it - just neutrally admit to your own beauty instead of being a hypocrite and pretending you have never looked into a mirror... why do people react so toughly to that? Isn't it better than being an obviously fake person?


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  • There's a fine line of being confident and humble of your appearance and then there's cocky and attention seeking show off.

    - Next question of course is "well where's that line?"

    -- That's something you'll have to gauge as you bumble through life. Are you making the statement as a matter of fact or are you making it with other intentions?
    --- Sometimes if you do make those remarks about yourself, it will evoke jealousy or envy. Others will simply listen and not think twice about it.

    I think of it like this... "if i make a comment about.. lets say a women age" (along the lines of "you look young"), will she say "thanks!" or will it evoke a different emotions "well if i didn't look old, that would be a comment to make."

    There's a risk with saying the above comment yes? Harmless and my intent maybe good, but it very understandably why this may be taken the wrong way.

    Advice: You'll have to be the judge of this yourself, what is the reward vs risk of saying something... it might be a good idea to stay away from "admitting to one's good looks" with people you may not know how they'd take it.
    - This is just life, a friendly comment or joke with one person may result in something sensitive to others.


    • Thanks, this actually was helpful and you put thought into it. :)

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  • Ain't ever had that happen to my fabulous self.


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  • They are insecure themselves, so it makes them feel better to make someone feel bad.

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