If somebody u barely knew was in and car and honked and waved at you, would you come over and talk? what about my situation in the details?

Happened to me today. This is the most we talked in months. It has been kind of awkward between us for all while. Before, there was some things he did that seemed like hi was interested. then he went on vacation and I found out he had an girlfriend there. So I shut down when he got back.
I wasn't expecting him to come over I was just saying hi.
So we has some small talk for a few minutes and he abruptly said OK bye, or something like that.
Is that bad to be abrupt? Kinda made me feel bad. All he said he had to do was clean his place but he felt lazy today.

  • I would come over and talk and it doesn't mean I was interested
  • I would come over and talk only if I was interested
  • I would just wave, not come over and talk
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  • I'd only talk to them if I was interested