Do you guys find a skin tone alone attractive?

Don't think about the girls you find attractive with the skin tone. Just think about the skin tone in itself and ask yourself if the skin tone alone is a turn on or if it doesn't affect you at all. If a skin tone does turn you on, what tone is it and why? Girls can pitch in too.


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  • Yes, I would say so. I'm usually very much into Asian girls. They're my absolute favorite (there are other features I really love about them). However, in terms of skin tone, there's only one that gets me turned on by itself and that's girls who are very, very black. I don't mean this chocolate-type color that most African Americans have. I'm talking about this pitch black skin of some women in Africa. Of course the girl itself also matters as I wouldn't get turned on by a 50-year old African lady. But I think there's something very erotic or at least very elegant about super black skin.

    • By the way, I don't have anything against white girls. There are some very cute white girls and my celebrity crush is white. I'm just mostly into girls of other ethnicities when it comes to sexuality (and there's some good biological reason for that ;-)).

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    • other evolutionary benefits for nature to work this way. In fact, the whole thing can be scientifically measured with the help of hormones. On way of carrying out such an experiment (which has been done in the past) is to make a double-blind test where a group of participants of different ethnicities works out wearing each a tshirt. Every participant's tshirt is put into a plastic bag right afterwards and brought to another group of the opposite sex. There, every person smells the sweaty tshirts and fills out surveys on what shirt has the most appealing smell (sweat isn't just stinky because it contains tons of pheromones, which make our brains produce hormones as a reaction). Such experiments have shown over and over that people tend to prefer the sweat-smell of potential reproductive partners that are not from their own ethnicity. Like our brains tell us not to reproduce with a family member, these participants feel naturally what person would be perfect to reproduce with.

    • And by the way, as an American you should understand that part of why this is true is because racial differences are usually also connected to geographic differences. The US is an odd country in the sense that many people of different ethnicities live in the same place. To you, this might seem completely normal but it is not normal on a global scale. Even here in Europe, ethnic diversity is much smaller. The first time I saw a black person in real life was when I travelled to the US. Now, since we're talking about evolution, we're also talking about times when ethnic separation was much, much stronger. So it made naturally more sense to reproduce with an individual from an exotic, far-away place than reproducing with your neighbor from the same village as it was the case in the medieval times for instance. Now, that doesn't mean your child won't be healthy if you reproduce with your neighbor, it just means the risk of your child getting sick or dieing early is higher.

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  • i find some skin tones insanely sexy, it's not a specific shade but the quality of it's radiance. some guys have really sexy skin tones, i think the sexiest are tans to deep browns. really dark brown makes me wanna fall into their skin *sigh*


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  • Pale with freckles is great. So I guess, yes?

    • Sounds like you're thinking beyond skin tone. Does pale skin alone turn you on? Does freckles turn you on or does a girl with pale skin and freckles turn you on?

    • I think pale skin with freckles, or pale skin on their own contribute to me finding a girl attractive.

  • Skin tone doesn't affect me at all. I'm happy with whatever the girl's got.

  • Idc what skin color they are aslong it doesn't look fake.


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